River To Reef – Comprehensive Guide To Boating and Fishing


• Local freshwater impoundments and fishing techniques;

• Estuary and beach fishing information (seasons, methods, tides & locations)

• Over 70 detailed estuary fishing hotspots with satellite maps;

• A dedicated soft plastic fishing section – techniques and applications;

• Detailed reef and pelagic species fishing techniques (covers trolling and floating) and information such as seasons, best methods & locations;

• Over 120 GPS locations between Caloundra and Noosa covering the 28 major reef systems on the coast (includes detailed reef maps);

• Light and heavy tackle game fishing section covering methods, times and locations;

• Where and how to catch a feed of crabs on the coast;

• A comprehensive boat ramp refidex;

• Weather and forecasting information sources;

• Detailed coastguard and marine safety information;

Plus much more – over 120 pages dedicated to fishing on the Sunshine Coast.

Here is just a little article on Australian Bass

Australian Bass

(Macquaria novemaculeata)

Habits and Habitat

The Australian bass is a very territorial fish that provides excellent sport on light gear kerr lake boat ramps. These fish are found as far north as the Mary River. It must travel to the salt water reaches to breed and
therefore is unable to breed in dams. Australian bass are stocked in nearly all dams in southern
Queensland. They are commonly found around timbered areas and snags or shallow weed areas
along the banks of impoundments in the chase of surface insects. Australian bass have a varied
diet including insects from the surface, bottom organisms including aquatic insects, shrimps and other freshwater crustaceans, tadpoles and small fish. In saltwater they will feed on various
crustaceans including prawns and small crabs, worms and fish.

Best Months

Although bass commonly migrate down rivers and streams for their annual spawning during
winter, the best time to chase bass is in the warmer summer months, November to March.
However, these fish can be caught all year round in our impoundments without too much effort.

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