Ganyu Team Composition

The best composition for genshin ganyu is a team of two Cryo characters (including Ganyu). The reason why this composition is ideal is because you want to use the Resonance Cryo effect which is to increase the Crit Rate when you attack an opponent affected by the Cryo effect. Again, thanks to his Elemental Burst, giving Ganyu a consistent Cryo effect isn’t that difficult.

But if you don’t want to maximize the Cryo Resonance effect, Ganyu is actually compatible with anyone who can consistently produce elemental damage. This is because thanks to Ganyu’s ability to consistently produce Cryo effects, teammates with other Elemental damage will certainly help activate Reaction continuously. This means that your damage output also increases significantly.

Fortunately, there are quite a few characters who have these criteria. Catalyst users like Klee or Mona would suit Ganyu well. Besides that, Venti, Albedo, or even Xiangling are suitable to play with Ganyu thanks to their Elemental Skills and/or Burst.

7 Facts about Ganyu, a Workaholic Character at Genshin Impact

Ganyu is the secretary at Yuehai Pavilion. He has done a lot of work that is invisible to humans.

Ganyu is a 5-star female character who uses arrows and Cryo or ice elements and specializes in combat as DPS.

Every morning, Ganyu will be at the pier eating his breakfast. But, before sunrise, he had already returned to Yuehai Pavilion to complete his contract.

3000 years ago, he entered into a contract with Rex Lapis.

This cute character really likes to eat Qingxin flowers because according to him, the taste of the flower petals is very delicious.

Unlike people in general, Ganyu’s hobby is working so he likes to work overtime.

Travelers can get Ganyu from the limited banner, after Albedo.

Genshin Impact is an Open World RPG by miHoYo available for console, PC and mobile. Here, you will be a wanderer who explores a vast fantasy world called Teyvat.

Teyvat is a fantasy world that is free, dynamic, and full of mystical life, a world that contains seven elements that flow, mix, dance and collide, namely Anemo, Electro, Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, Dendro, and Geo.